12 Week Signature Experience

The Innerbloom is for those souls who may have found themselves on the wrong path. You feel the strain of an unbalanced life and are ready to make the shifts needed to create the life you've been waiting to start. 

Over these 12 weeks we will look at each part of your current life situation and start at the root to move through emotional triggers, release past hurt and begin to create the life you came here to live without the heaviness of obligation or guilt. 



6 Week Realignment

You lead a life authentic to you but have started to feel disillusioned, off balance or lost.

We will work together closely to uncover where the dis-ease is being formed and move towards a state of flow. 

These 6 weeks are for regaining clarity and inspiration through introspective practices, creative outlets and physical movement.


90 minute session via Zoom

Conscious connected breathing is a powerful therapy that guides our bodies toward processing stored trauma, clearing energetic blockages and activating the body's natural healing abilities in a safe and gentle environment.

During this online session, we talk through where you are feeling lack in your life, we find your intention, and I guide you through this potent healing practice in the comfort of your home.

The session is closed with practices you can implement at home between sessions.

Breathwork healing has been shown to -

☾   Dissolve stress and anxiety

☾  Address sleep disorders 

☾  Assist in breaking through subconscious emotional patterns

☾  Strengthening your connection with source and spirit

☾  Activate the bodies natural healing abilities

and so much more..

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