6 Week Realignment


What to expect...

☾  Intimate weekly one-on-one sessions via Zoom or phone
☾  Constant email or text support
☾  Uncover the parts of your life causing dis-ease

☾  Release yourself of past trauma 

☾  Move through the blocks that are preventing you from moving forward
☾  Mindfulness and Meditation practices
☾  Creation of rituals
☾  Fall in love with food and movement

The Innerbloom Method
Preparation + Exploration
We get to know every area of your life intimately. Together we peel back the layers to understand where unease lies and where joy is present. This time is also for recognising your conscious and subconscious belief system in preparation for releasing.

Releasing + Reclaiming 
Begin to overcome self sabotage, overcritical inner dialogue and delve into shadow work, the mother and father wound and healing your inner child. These emotional blockages will begin to be cleared through Conscious Connected Breathwork sessions.

Co-creation + Manifestation
Begin to raise your frequency to co-create your reality with the universe. Learn the art of energetic alignment and start to build your dreams around you.

The Investment 

Starting from $810 AUD

Book your free consultation to discuss pricing and payment plans

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