We know the feeling all too well. Maybe your career is on track but your relationship is suffering. Or your social and sex life is on fire but your connection to what really lights you up is fuzzy. Perhaps you've been burning the candle and both ends trying to keep up all of the incredibly unrealisitic social standards that our society has placed on us over the years. I know you can feel when somethings gotta give.

Mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing all play a part in creating happiness, contentment, and cue for the buzz word!..ABUNDANCE. 

I know when I started out on my wellness journey, about 12 years ago, the overwhelm was enough to have me put the whole thing in the bin. Nutrition, movement, stress, sleep, thought patterns, spirituality, sound healing, yoga, meditation, breathwork! Don't get me started on the chakras. All of this and then add in the changing world around us. It’s hard to know where to start when you’re feeling like something's missing.

I hear you. I've felt that. This is why I'm here for you now my beautiful soul searching friend! One sure way to wellness is to connect with a constant - Someone who has been through what you are currently experiencing. A Holistic Health Coach is just this, and INNERBLOOM mind and body can hold this space for you.

My Holistic Health Coaching programs offer you an honest birds eye view of your life, holistically. Together, we can assess which areas may be causing unhappiness or distress. We uncover the root cause of these issues, move through limiting beliefs, uncover your inner critic holding you back, and weave new rituals into your life that move you toward that person you want to be living life as. The most vibrant, confident, ass kicking you.

My name is Alexandra Lindsay, founder of INNERBLOOM mind and body. I am a certified Herbalist and Holistic Health Coach who is offering you a way out. A way out of toxic thought patterns, behaviours and belief systems. A journey full of self love, soul care, personal freedom and dream living creation. My clients learn how to return to nature for energy, to choose food for longevity, to work with the cycles of the moon for goal setting and how to see themselves truly. Without judgement, doubt, false narratives or fear.

INNERBLOOM mind and body offers a free, 30-minute consultation to give you all of the insight you need to determine if Holistic Health Coaching services are for you. We discuss your goals and dreams, your setbacks and barriers. I offer my experience in these areas, or if needed, refer you to a more suited practitioner.

If you are seeking happiness, balance, and a shift in your energy, reach out below and discover the magic of INNERBLOOM x

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What to Expect

‘The Inner Alchemy’ is our 6 week holistic health coaching program available to those who are already living a life authentic to them but may have started to feel a bit lost or off balance. These 6 weeks will have you back on your true path feeling more inspiration and clarity than before. 

‘The Innerbloom' is a 12-week long holistic health coaching program, that aims at uncovering deeper rooted behaviour patterns and replacing them with intrinsic goals and healthy mindsets. 12 weeks is the perfect amount of time to break cycles and create beautiful rituals that become lifelong habits. 
The Benefits

Mental Clarity
After your first Holistic Health Coaching session, you would have gained a clearer understanding of how to approach your energy blockages and to be able to implement different ways to overcome them.
Realign With Your Purpose
As your holistic health coach, we will work together to talk through your most beautiful dreams and transform them into goals. This process will help you get clear on what lights you up in your life and find pathways to make these a reality. You can realign with your purpose at any stage of life, just take the first step.
Develop Self Love and Self Care Rituals

Fall in love with number one. My program offers workshops during your journey into wellness, designed to heal your relationship with yourself and your body. Holistic health coaching is a sure way to shift your energy towards yourself and your life.

Why Choose INNERBLOOM mind+body?

INNERBLOOM mind + body is your way to a lasting energy shift. A wellness journey can be a complicated one, finding a holistic health coach that is able to find the right path for YOU is the key to clarity. My INNERBLOOM programs are personalised to your needs specifically and are aimed at breaking through the belief systems holding you back. Find balance, create happiness, and shift your energy with a online health coach.