Welcome to my online home!

My name is Alex

A lover of people, the planet and our connection to one another.

This connection strengthens and brightens with each person living in alignment with their own idea of personal freedom, and this is the reason I have created Innerbloom.  Despite feeling connected to the natural world, I lived most of my twenties with distorted eating, depression, anxiety, addiction and navigating my life blindly with unprocessed trauma. I attracted all the wrong people, was a stranger in my body and was at war with my mind. And hell, I'm so glad it all happened the way it did.

The course of my life changed 7 years ago when I realised I was in control of what I experienced in this beautiful life, and I took ownership of my inner conflict. At this time I found mental health care to be extremely inaccessible and self healing tools incredibly hard to find. The modalities I use today have all changed my life in radical ways and I'm now on a mission to make them accessible, affordable, unpretentious and uncomplicated for other humans.


Australia is home but today I travel the world full time with my partner, Daniel. We're currently exploring Central America and as yet don't have plans to slow down. I am a Certified Holistic Coach, Breathwork Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Master Herbalist.

The life I lead today was created entirely by design, and yours can be too.


Guiding other dreamers out of a life of obligation while exploring the world was my BIG vision of personal freedom. This is now my reality, and Innerbloom is my space for you to discover what you want for your reality.


Im here as an agent of change to help you find your balance, align with your passions, break free from social conditioning and to ultimately lift the consciousness of those I cross paths with, in ways that feel like magick. 

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